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Buchler GmbH
D-38110 Braunschweig
Ütteler Strasse 3
Tel.  ++ 49  5307  93121

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quinine   quinic acid

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to the
Buchler GmbH plant.

We are located in  a  small
suburb  named  Thune,  in
the North of Braunschweig,

Niedersachsen,  Germany.

For your conveniance  will
you please follow the city
map  directions
Coming  from  the  Autobahn Berlin  or Hannover, use  the Autobahn exit  Braunschweig
and follow the sign that says Gifhorn.  About  2 km  ahead - to your  right - leave the
Autobahn, making a right turn. You  should  now see XXX LUTZ,  a  big   furniture company.
Follow the street straight ahead  into  a  suburb  named  Wenden  and simply  follow the
main street about another km.

Now, to your right you'll  find  a  sign  to  Thune.  Take  that  direction, pass  the bridge
and immediately take a left turn right behind the bridge. We are located on the left hand
side about 400 m after your bridge left turn.
You'll arrive .... and:

                                 .                              .

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