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Buchler GmbH
D-38110 Braunschweig
Ütteler Strasse 3
Tel.  ++ 49  5307  93121

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quinine   quinic acid
Well known compounds – such as Quinine and Quinidine – are part of our production line,
as special research chemicals for industry and universities.


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Our  company  was  founded  1858  and is run by
the fourth  generation  of  the  BUCHLER   family.
is a worldwide operating manufacturer
of pure enantiomers  for the pharmaceutical,
chemical- and beverage industry.

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Production  facilities

Amongst others the US Food-and Drug Administration
(FDA ) is regulary
inspecting & monitoring our facilities.
Drug MasterFiles are available for most of our compounds.

Company Rule

Our  success  is  based  on  research,
longterm  contracts   for   raw- material,
the   quality  of  our   products  and   our
company rule to  maintain  a  relationship
based  on   partnership with our suppliers
and  customers all over the world.

Quality Management and
International Standards

A  complex  quality  control  system
allows   us  to   ensure   the  specific
standards required by our customers

and  the  relevant  authorities.  In our
pharmaceutical  plant we  are  manu-
facturing   according   to  the  rules of
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


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